Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Dallas, Texas

Designed by Scott Hall, AIA while Principal and Director of Design at Omniplan

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum’s mission is to encourage individuals to become upstanders in support of human rights. The vision for the museum is "to create a deep and authentic experiential journey that grapples with the most difficult and perplexing issues plaguing humanity". The LEED Certified Museum is located in the Historic West End District of Downtown Dallas, an urban site near Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum as well as a light rail transit station. Strict architectural design criteria dictate an urban building mass, metal and masonry materiality, and sensitivity to the historic character of the district. The design of the museum is a rational organization of the program elements: exhibit, lobby, courtyard and support space reinforcing the Museum narrative of an experiential journey that will engage the visitor every time they visit the Museum. The exhibit space is elevated above the support spaces and clad in metal skin. The form shaped in a "U" creates the sheltered interior courtyard. The common area lobby is centralized in plan and section, connecting all spaces and providing a powerful courtyard-lobby connection. The exhibits are intentional black-box spaces and contrast with the light-filled lobby creating a dichotomy of light and darkness, of hope and tragedy.


Client: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Exhibit Design: Berenbaum/ Jacobs Associates

Contractor: Austin Commercial